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Richard C. Sandlin
King George, VA 22485
Availability Date: Always interested in hearing about an opportunity

To obtain a government engineering management or senior engineering position in SSDS, AEGIS, AEGIS BMD and/or other Surface Navy Combat Systems program in the area of RDT&E and software analysis in the Dahlgren, VA. I want to employ my strong analytical, detail-oriented, interpersonal skills along with my exceptional common sense to improve services and products, reduce costs and lead times and delight customers; all the while engaging in new challenges and learning experiences.

Dec 2002 – Present Computer Sciences Corporation – Lead Software Engineer/Analyst
Dec 2002 – Honorable discharge US Navy (9 years 7 months) rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7)
Mar 2000 – Jun 2002 Intecs International – AEGIS Weapon System Analyst
May 1993 – Dec 2002 AEGIS FireControlman (Advanced Electronics/Software) US Navy

Extensive experience in engineering and management, research and development, leadership and mentoring, testing and problem-solving relating to the AEGIS and BMD Weapon Systems. My engineering forte is in the AEGIS Display System (ADS), including code and data analysis, networking, operating environment and system-level troubleshooting. I am one of the most sought-after ADS experts in the community. I am adept at analyzing and solving the most complex problems within ADS and throughout the Combat System in all current and planned baselines. My engineering analysis, troubleshooting and solutions have resulted in increased Fleet readiness from software requirements analysis and development to implementation and system operation. I am a self-motivated professional, capable of working independently or as part of a team.
Over 15 years of system engineering experience with Surface Navy combat and weapons systems, which includes technical, engineering, and analytical support for the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (C5I) computer programs. Experienced in conducting engineering assessment of Navy combat systems’ performance. Well versed in Geotools Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF) development, processing, testing, certification, delivery and documentation. Familiar with the application of quality control/configuration management policies and processes in developing combat system products as well as with the Navy Open Architecture (OA) principles and modular open systems design. Possesses an understanding of system safety principles and Human Systems Integration (HSI).

CSC – Senior Systems Engineer/Technical Lead
10/2002 to Present

• Technical Lead and Manager for B/L 7P1, 7P1R, 8, 9, and GEOTOOLS.
• Frequently interfaces directly with the customer as CSC’s Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) regarding all tasking related to the B/Ls and informs the customer of project status.
• Provides systems and software engineering support through the generation, validation, isolation, implementation, and Unit Test of Computer Program Change Requests (CPCRs), Specification Changes (SCs), and Interface Change Requests (ICRs) in customer-directed B/L upgrade efforts (e.g., B/Ls 5.3.9, 6.1, 6.3, 7.1, 7.1R, 8.1 and BMD 3.6.1 and 4.0.1).
• System-level expertise through the resolution of AEGIS Display System (ADS) and Command and Decision (C&D) issues by coordinating Test Observation Report (TOR) analysis activities and performing software analysis to close TORs that are generated during System Test evolutions.
• Develops various performance analysis reports, including CPCRs and Weapon System Performance Assessments (WSPA) and provides closure recommendation responses in the TOMCATS TOR database.
• Project planning and scheduling, risk management and mitigation, day-to-day project management and coordination, work allocation and direction, and project status reporting.
• Implemented code changes in the unclassified Standalone Geotools Common Dafinstall computer program and single-handedly stood up the Development, Build and Configuration Management (CM) environments required for the successful engineering, delivery and certification of Common Dafinstall versions 1.1 and 1.2.
• Coordination of Element and System-level Test and Analysis efforts for B/Ls 6 Phase 3, 7 Phase 1, 7 Phase 1R, and Cruiser Modernization/ACB08/Baseline 8.
• Instrumental in the analysis and resolution of major interface problems in the ADS to Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) interface during CEC test events at the Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC) in B/L 7P1 and 7P1R.
• Performed shipboard and Land-Based Test Site ADS and C&D Computer Program installations and has provided engineering assistance during installations and System Testing activities.
• Develops Operating Environment (OE) and ADS/C&D application Standard Operating Procedures and technical procedures, which enable shipboard personnel to better understand and operate the ACS.
• Understanding of the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) Version 2.0 and Product Line Architecture methodologies.
• Reviewed systems definitions and performed systems engineering activities during the development of capability upgrades in support of the ACB and B/L Engineering tasks related to the ACB12 Display System; and is responsible for the coordination and execution of ACB12 RDT&E tasking.
• Key contributor to the ACB12 Common Display System (CDS) console integration effort, including the definition, installation and configuration of the COTS-based Common Display Architecture Display Subsystem (CDADS) OE.
• Leverages knowledge of the tactical/operational implementation of the weapon system and engineering practices by providing recommendations and guidance during the ACB12 Human Systems Integration (HSI) efforts.
• Provides High-Level Design and code development packages in support of software prototype efforts as well in addition to Code Inspections (CI) and reviews in support of AEGIS software deliveries from the Design Agent (DA).
• Provides technical support during CM/QA integration, installation and testing efforts as well as technical information regarding computer program versions, file versions, command files, scripts, and specification files.
• Has attended formal and informal ACS Design Reviews in support of the Navy Review Team (NRT), including In Process Reviews, System Design Reviews, Preliminary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews, and post-CDR SCRIBE Reviews.
• Provided Battle Force technical and engineering expertise to the Fleet to resolve operational and engineering problems.
• System-level troubleshooting knowledge has been requested, by name, on numerous occasions in an effort to correct fleet casualties.
• Provides remote support through data analysis of Fleet data and documents problems identified via data analysis efforts on standard TOR/CPCR forms, which are provided to the appropriate C5I Branch and has developed multiple technical procedures for inclusion in the Computer Room Error Code Guide (CRECG) and Computer Room User’s Manual (CRUM).

AEGIS Training and Readiness Center (ATRC) – Computer/Display/ACNT Instructor and Curriculum Supervisor
01/2000 – 10/2002

• Curriculum supervisor for ACNT, CEC and Display courses of instruction.
• Provided AN/UYQ-70 hardware and software instruction to prospective AEGIS Computer Network Technicians (ACNTs).
• Provided fleet support for B/L 6 Phase 1 and 6 Phase 3, which included waterfront OE and applications training.
• Provided on-site technical support to the USS Hue City (CG-66) to correct system-crippling software and hardware casualties encountered while the CG-66 was underway in the Puerto Rican Operational Area.
• Responsible for training Spanish Foreign Military Sales (FMS) students in the ACNT and CEC curricula, which required expertise in Foreign National releasability requirements.

Intecs International – AWS Analyst/ACSIS Operator
04/2000 – 03/2002

• Supported this position as a contractor on a full-time basis while concurrently supporting the ATRC position above.
• Responsible for the operation of ACSIS, MULTOTS, and DS3 for all AEGIS B/Ls at the IWSL (ACC) in support of program B/L testing.

U.S. Navy – USS Vicksburg Computer/Display Systems Supervisor
01/1995 – 01/2000

• Responsible for all preventive and corrective maintenance on the AEGIS Display and Computer System (UYQ-21 and UYQ-70).
• Lead Display Technician during the installation of B/L 6 Phase 1 OPEVAL/CEC; involved in every aspect of hardware, OE, and application installations as well as AEGIS Light-Off, System Stress, and Stability Testing.
• Integral member of the System Test and Evaluation Team during underway OPEVAL testing from September 1997 through January 2000.


• 2010 – Award of Merit/Group Achievement as a member of the ACB08 AEGIS Fielding Team
• 2002 – End of Tour Navy Commendation Medal
• 2001 – Instructor of the Year, AEGIS Training and Readiness Center (Navy Achievement Medal)
• 1998 – Junior Sailor of the Year, USS VICKSBURG (CG-69) (Navy Achievement Medal)
• 1997 – Navy Achievement Medal for technical acumen
• 2005 – C++ Programming II – Rappahannock Community College
• 2003 – C++ Programming I – Rappahannock Community College
• 2002 – Navy Leadership Development Program for Chief Petty Officers
• 2001 – Navy Cooperative Engagement Technician – Naval Enlisted Classification (NEC) 1325
• 2000 – Navy Instructor Training, Kings’ Bay, GA – NEC 9502
• 1997 – Navy AEGIS Computer Network Technician – NEC 1335
• 1995 – Navy Micro/Miniature (2M) Repair certification – NEC 9527
• 1994 – Navy AEGIS Display Track 2 – NEC 1118
• 1993-1995 – Basic and Class “A” and “C” School Naval training
• 1989-1993 – Windsor HS, Windsor, IL – Diploma
• US CITIZEN: SECRET Security Clearance – Expires April 30, 2015
• References available upon request

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