Richard C. Sandlin

Availability Date: Always interested in hearing about an opportunity
Email: krnl -at-
Last Updated: 6 December 2012

Seeking an employment opportunity that will challenge my technical and managerial abilities pertaining to AEGIS related concepts and both present and future iterations of AEGIS and follow-on Navy combat systems including Navy Open Architecture and other Open Systems.

  • Dec 2004 - Present
  • Oct 2002 - Present
  • Dec 2002 -
  • Mar 2000 - Jun 2002
  • May 1993 - Dec 2002
  • Founder/Owner ALL-IN Enterprises, LLC
    Computer Sciences Corporation - Senior Technical Leader
    Honorably discharged from US Naval service (10 years) at the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7).
    Intecs International - AEGIS Weapon System Analyst
    Fire Controlman (Advanced Electronics) US Navy


       Computer Skills

    • Owner/Developer/Maintainer of all aspects of the following websites:
    • Operating Systems: Linux, FreeBSD, HP-UX, HP-RT, SunOS, Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, ME, XP.
    • Server software: Apache, DNS/Bind, MySQL, FTP, telnet, SSH, Samba, Squid, Sendmail, Postfix, etc.
    • Programming languages: HTML, PHP, Shell scripting (sh, csh, ksh). Familiar with C++.
    • Software and Utilities: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat, awk, sed, vi, very strong working knowledge of Unix command line utilities.
    • Networking: TCP/IP, routing principles
    • Baseline manager for AEGIS baselines 6P3, 7P1, 7P1R, B/L 8 (ACB08) and B/L 9 (ACB12) (C&D and ADS) responsible for task assignment and progress monitoring of 15-20 programmers in support of computer program baseline testing and development efforts.
    • Curriculum Supervisor for the AEGIS Computer Network Technician, AEGIS Display and Cooperative Engagement Capability Navy courses of instruction, responsible for technical accuracy, classroom and lab scheduling, instructor and resource management and all related tasks.
    • Extensive experience in personnel supervision and management to include the monitoring of assigned tasks, work schedules, training and personal welfare of over 80 personnel.
    • Supervisor of Display and Computer Network tactical systems and personnel at sea.
    • Extensive experience in program analysis, troubleshooting and maintenance of the AEGIS Combat System (ACS) including, but not limited to: CPCR code analysis and implementations, configuration management, safety reviews, data analysis and inter-element communications.
    • Experienced in the operational deployment of the ACS including Link operations (CEC, Lk11 and Lk16), engagement processing, OCSOT and CSSQT exercises as well as hardware and software requirements and troubleshooting.
    • Thorough familiarity with the ACS simulated tactical test suite environment (Wallops, Moorestown, IWSL).
    • Network Administrator for a 40+ machine Unix network in a tactical shipboard military environment.
    • Capable of building Unix servers to production level including configuration of services, writing shell scripts, and all normal facets of administration.
    • Highly adept with HP-UX, HP-RT, Linux and other Unix-type operating systems to the level of curriculum development and instruction.
    • Strong understanding of networking principles including TCP/IP, inter-process communication (IPC), network services and routing.
    • Experienced in system level analysis, identifying system deficiencies, trends, and problem areas for the implementation of corrective actions.
    • Recognized on numerous occasions for superior technical skills and managerial abilities.
    • 2006 - C++ Programming II - Rappahannock Community College
    • 2003 - C++ Programming I - Rappahannock Community College
    • 2002 - Navy Leadership Development Program for Chief Petty Officers
    • 2000 - Navy Instructor Training, Kings' Bay, GA - NEC 9502
    • 1997 - Navy AEGIS Computer Network Technician - NEC 1335
    • 1995 - Navy Micro/Miniature (2M) Repair certification - NEC 9527
    • 1994 - Navy AEGIS Display Track 2 - Naval Enlisted Classification (NEC) 1118
    • 1993-1995 - Basic and Class "A" and "C" School Naval training
    • 1989-1993 - Windsor HS, Windsor, IL - Diploma
    • US CITIZEN: SECRET Security Clearance
    • References available upon request