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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Using ‘while’ in the bash shell

I like to use while loops to perform a command or group of commands indefinitely until I type ctrl-c to stop the loop. The while loop is useful when monitoring the output of the netstat command Alternatively, the above one-liner … Read more »

IANA IPv4 Address Space Registry

Posting this here because I like it. I use it to generate by firewall rules to block as much international traffic from my server as possible since it’s pretty clear that some Class A IP blocks don’t need to be … Read more »

How to Use IPTables

IPTABLES TUTORIAL / HOWTO I. Definitions and similarities to ipchains II. Chain types and options III. Command pharmacy no prescription line examples With the release of the 2.4 kernel, everyone who was used to using ipchains to configure their firewall … Read more »

C Compiler Basics

The Make command The make command allows you to manage large programs or groups of programs. As you begin to write larger programs, you will notice that re-compiling larger programs takes much longer than re-compiling short programs. Moreover, you notice … Read more »