KrnlPanic's Linux Notes and Tips

Working with linux since kernel version 2.0.30

Definition of Kernel Panic

What in the hell is a KrnlPanic? Let’s start with “What is a kernel?”. The kernel is the core of your operating system (OS), whether your OS is Linux, Unix or windows. The kernel takes care of all process management … Read more »

RHEL7 / Centos grub2 boot password

Grub2 is the kernel bootloader in Red Hat Linux. It is used to store kernel boot parameters and provides a mechanism to interact with the kernel boot command line. Any user who has local access to a Linux machine can … Read more »

Linux Kernel 4.7 Released

New features in Linux kernel 4.7 One of the biggest changes made in Linux kernel 4.7 is the support for the newly announced Radeon 480 GPUs from AMD. As expected, this support has been embedded directly into the AMDGPU video … Read more »

PHPBB Moderator Queue Notifications

PHPBB3 does not have a built-in moderation queue notification capability. So, if a new user posts in a forum that requires approval, then the post will sit there in the modification queue until a moderator either sees the icon on … Read more »

Stopping bad bots using Apache Modsec

Some webcrawlers (i.e., Bots) are important to the well-being of your website. Some of these include GoogleBot, msnbot, Yahoo! Slurp, etc. There are also a lot of bots out there that do nothing to help you, and actually can harm … Read more »

Using reCAPTCHA in PHP to stop form spam

Are you tired of spambots submitting your “Contact Us” forms? Tired of spambots using your forms to “Tell a friend” with a spam link? Use Google’s reCAPTCHA service! It’s really easy to implement. Visit the google reCAPTCHA website to sign … Read more »

Auto Copyright using PHP date function

Do you own a website with a copyright tag that you’re tired of remembering to update every year? Here’s a very simple method of ensuring that your copyright is up-to-date, and you won’t have to worry about it ever again. … Read more »